How to produce a Corporate Event

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The events are one of the BTL actions (Below The Line) most used by brands.

A while ago, in another post and video-blog, we talked about the ATL (Above The Line) and BTL (Below The Line) strategies. Today we want to give you some tips so when you organize an event as part of your BTL strategy, you will succeed in producing it.

But before entering into matter, and before launching ourselves to produce anything, what you must determine is the objective of the event. Is it a brand / product launching event? Is it an event for the media? Is it a sales event? And once the objective is determined, it will be easier for us to enter into the matter to produce it.

  1. Design a detailed program to assign and identify tasks to each member of your team.
  2. Do scouting to locate the location where you are going to celebrate your event, be it a hotel, congress hall, fairground, … and once you have chosen the place, make sure you have everything you need to do it (wifi, projector , audio system, screens, chairs, catering service, …)
  3. And everything that the location is not able to provide, negotiate it with your suppliers.
  4. Design a landing page from which users can find all the information related to the event, and from which, perhaps, they can register.
  5. Hire the key speakers, and notify the media to attend, and in this way help you greatly, to disseminate it.
  6. Prepare in advance all the graphic, audiovisual and digital elements, as well as all the printed stationery.
  7. To the attendees who previously signed up, send them a notice with the necessary information of the event such as schedules, order of conferences, activities, …
  8. And for any eventuality that might happen during the event, prepare an action plan, and if necessary, hire a civil liability insurance. It’s better to prevent than to cure.
  9. And finally, check all the details before the event, and confirm the attendances of the guests, assistants and media.
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